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Learning Norwegian

Akademiet has launched two different levels of Norwegian studies online: A1-A2 and B1-B2.

What is the best way to learn Norwegian?

Check out these four great tips of how to learn Norwegian.

1. Learn new words!

Live by the rule of learning a new set of words every day. 3-5 words a day is a good start. You could begin within your own apartment: Write the name of different objects on a post-it note, and every time you interact with the object, you have to say the word out loud.

This is a simple, yet effective way to learn everyday words in Norwegian.

2. Speak whenever you can

When you go to the store, travel with public transport or meet up with friends or acquaintances, remember to speak Norwegian.

A great tip is to find friends that don’t speak the same language as yourself. Then you’ll have to speak Norwegian, as long as you avoid speaking English.

If you are uncomfortable with speaking Norwegian in public, try to explain the situation to someone in your social group – or maybe a complete stranger on the bus?

You can say:

I need to practice speaking Norwegian to get better at the language. Thank you for your understanding!

Jeg trenger å øve på å snake norsk for å bli bedre i språket. Takk for forståelsen!

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3. Read a lot – preferably in Norwegian

Read short texts in Norwegian. It could be short poems or you can read the titles in online newspapers. As the time passes, you’ll feel more comfortable trying on longer short stories, articles or even books.

4. Write – but start small

Make yourself a little diary with notes about your day. In the beginning it would be enough with just one word or maybe a sentence. Increase to two sentences after a little while.

You can also rehearse by writing sentences about yourself. Let’s try an example:

My name is Sara and I have a sister, a brother, a mother and a father.

Jeg heter Sara og har en bror, en søster, en mor og en far.

Good luck!

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